NineTai Studio

Space structure plan of NineTai Studio
Build on standard keel structures, and base on repeating calculating of EASE and Sys Tune sound simulation / measurement system, NineTai studio resulting in good quality of noise absorbing, acoustic bass standing waves preventing and other aspects of acoustic design, providing most standard reverb time acoustic space for large concert style event rehearsal and recording.
The first studio ever build in Taiwan which design for Live performing as major priority, covering 661 square meters, spacious and high-ceilinged, professional and texture wall design, prepared to meet the needs of large scale professional rehearsal, recording studio. Capable for entire orchestra live recording work, NineTai Studio become the largest versatile studio in Taiwan.

Convenient and securely hardware combination.
Automatic hoist lift roof structure, large projection screen and well established power system.
Professional lighting system team, providing high quality lighting equipment for MV filming and Live concert purpose.
Powerful professional equipment supporting, offer top scale of equipment provide and rental.

Business items including:
Large professional live concert rehearsal studio
Online live concert space
NineTai Live video channel
Symphony orchestra recording / arrangement
Multi-Track live recording studio


Nine Tai Control room

High ceilinged comfortable digital control room, providing integrated solutions for completely standard of recording, live webcasting, and the most complete audio and video postproduction environment.
Large vacuum isolation glass wall link the control room with rehearsal studio, the intuitive visual reflection allows engineer to capture and control sounds and images in more realism and pulsating manner while carrying large live recording / filming.

Provides in:
Professional multi-track recording, sound postproduction.
Control room acoustics wall design, to create a standard and professional work space.
Fully digital audio transmission system connecting Rehearsal room with Control room


Lounge area

132 square meters high ceiling designed lounge area in NineTai Studio, divided into conference zone, bar, couch zone, hair makeup zone, and backyard garden. Hope to spare you the most comfortable relaxing space.
Conference zone: long square table capable for 14 people join together, idea for meeting, training, tech discussing, seminar. Providing A4, B4, A3 copy machine, convenient for copying meeting documents and music score.
Couch zone: long couch, TV set, BD player, audio system. You can have a fully relaxing in this zone. Hair makeup zone: cosmetic desk, makeup light /mirror, easy to makeup while waiting for filming. Bar: with filtered drinking water machines, semi-automatic coffee machine, professional oven, electromagnetic cooker and fridge, a variety of herbal teas available for you to use in self-service manner.



Green trees, fresh air,Enjoy the natural phytoncid
With lounge music flowing loosely.
Outside of work, with a cup of coffee,
Free to play guitar, for a mood of a relax moment.
Enjoy coffee time~