NineTai Studio Rehearsal Room

Space structure was based on standard keel construction, sound isolation/ absorption material、room mode absorption and other acoustics design in various aspects, was calculated and measured by professional equipments and software like EASE and Systune.
All the preparation and planning was in order to provide the most suitable Reverb Time for rehearsal and recording projects in musical performance .
Nine Tai Studio build with high-ceiling and spacious space inside, is the first ever rehearsal studio in Taiwan which mainly targeting Live performance. The stunning variable diffusion/ absorption board and layered wall design all under thoughtful acoustics calculation, can meet the needs of large scale of rehearsal, recording and filming in every aspect.
Nine Tai Studio is the largest multi- function professional recording rehearsal studio in Taiwan currently, the space can accommodate entire orchestra for live recording, with a wall- hidden movable 8-meter-wide professional rehearsal mirror, fulfill the needs of singer to integrate with their rehearsal. We also provide well- experienced technical staffs and top- level equipments for rental service simultaneously.

Concentrated on:
Large professional concert rehearsal studio
Online LIVE concert space
NineTai Video Channel
Orchestra Recording / Planning
LIVE multi-track mixing/recording
MV filming


NineTai Studio Control room

The comfortable digital control room provides total solution of standard
recording integrated technology、live streaming mixing production、complete environment for audio and video post-production、connection with rehearsal room was under fully digital and analog audio network.

A floor-to-ceiling vacuum isolation glass connected to rehearsal room, which enables visual and intuitive response to live recording, so engineers in the control room can capture the realism and scene change directly while better control over the sound and images.

Professional multi-track live recording 、post-production. The utilize of acoustics wall design inside control room, creates a standard and professional working environment.


Lounge area

NineTai Studio has a high-standard relax area, providing the most comfortable resting space after work.
It is divided into conference section, sofa section, bar section, printing section and smoking room.
Conference section: a long table for 14 people, providing space for such as conferences, discussions, education and training, tech team discussions and lectures.
Sofa section: The long sofa for comfortable relaxing.
Bar section: filter water dispenser, semi-automatic coffee machine, professional oven, induction cooker and refrigerator. Offers variety of herbal teas and coffees at all time.
Printing section: Wireless copy machine with A4/B4/A3 size, are available for conference material and music scores copy.
Smoking room: Equipped with independent fume extractor system and air purifier to improve air quality.


Independent VIP Room

VIP was in an independent space,
including make-up table、make-up lamp mirror, convenient for make-up needed before/ after performance, also for VIP rest and other needs.